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Who Are You Becoming More Productive For?

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well

Just Rolling with It

October 7 · Issue #66 · View online
Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well ourselves and making space for what matters in a well-balanced life.

Productive this, productive that, productive the other thing too…
It feels like everywhere I turn, someone’s trying to become more productive. Then, when I turn around, someone’s trying to sell something to help someone become more productive.
Since when did productivity become the thing?
I guess since Henry Ford started mass producing cars. Seth Godin taught me that.
Now we’re trying to optimize every aspect of our life to become “more productive”.
Better yet, for whom?
Are you becoming more productive to spin someone else’s wheel faster? Or, are you becoming more productive for yourself?
My hope is it’s the latter ;)
Even if it is, what’s your goal in becoming more productive? Are you trying to spin your own wheel faster and faster, to do more, more and more?
It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the virtuous cycle of productivity and wellness.
It looks like this -
This is my idea of productivity.
What’s yours? And why?
Let me know by replying directly to this email.
Catch you next week, with my gratitude,
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Semi-Random Thoughts
I’m feeling excited It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work is now available. The authors are big JRWI influences. Their voices always feel refreshing to me. Now, if I can only find more time to read!
Prioritizing time for reading and yoga, other than doing the 5 Tibetan Rites every morning, still eludes me. I feel grateful for re-learning about the rites during a stay at Hidden Dragon earlier this year.
Speaking of priorities, I’ve been thinking a lot about them in the context of, yes, PRODUCTIVITY! I’m becoming more convinced that attention optimization is the way to go. It feels more effective and healthier than focusing on time efficiency. Stay tuned for more on this.
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Don't Disappear Into Silence
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The Abundance of Less: Lessons in Simple Living from Rural Japan by Andy Couturier
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01 BANG THE DRUM SESSIONS 10 - 02 - 18 by Bang The Drum Party NJ
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Seth Godin — Life, the Internet, and Everything. | The On Being Project
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