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Learning Life Doesn't Always Have to Feel Hard - Just Rolling with It Weekly

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well

Just Rolling with It

February 8 · Issue #35 · View online
Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well ourselves and making space for what matters in a well balanced life.

Hmmm… I’m having trouble starting this issue.
Ok, so no perfect lead-in…here we go…
Life’s feeling hopeful and positive from a few perspectives. It feels a little like clouds are parting.
(When I say life, I’m referring to life in it’s entirety, including work.)
I’m not sure what to do with this feeling.
I’m used to struggling. I’ve been taught that life has to be hard.
If life isn’t feeling hard, something’s wrong. That’s what I was taught to believe.
I’m not saying life’s supposed to be easy, either. I think I’m learning it doesn’t have to be hard all the time, that’s all.
Life may not always be hard. Life may not always be easy. I’m learning that life is what happens along the entire spectrum. Life’s what happens between the two extremes.
I’m also learning it’s OK for life to feel hopeful. It’s OK for life to feel a little easier sometimes. 
It takes awareness for me to let things feel easier. I’ve noticed myself resisting this easier feeling. I think it’s because I tell myself things have to be hard.
I had to be aware of the resistance, in order to soften it. Softening to it lessens the resistance. Life feels a little easier when the resistance decreases.
And that’s OK, or so I’m feeling fortunate to learn :)
How about you?
Do you expect life to be hard or easy? How do your expectations impact how you experience your life and work?
Catch you next week,
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