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Eradicating Vacation Ending Dread with Hope - JRWI Weekly

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well

Just Rolling with It

April 29 · Issue #45 · View online
Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well ourselves and making space for what matters in a well balanced life.

I hit a low-point during a trip in Thailand about 4 years ago. My wife and I were on vacation. We were visiting a beautiful resort in Krabi, Thailand.
It was the end of December. That year I’d earned more money that I ever though I’d earn.
I was feeling miserable, absolutely miserable. I was drinking scotch, pretty much non-stop and smoking cigars every night. I was desperately trying to numb the misery.
I was desperately trying to forget I had to go back to a life that was making me miserable. I was dreading going back to that life, even though it was throwing a good deal of money my way.
The pain comes back to me as I write this. 
This morning feels different. It feels a lot different. My wife and I are visiting the Hudson Valley, in New York. It’s the first weekend we’ve been away together without our son, since he was born almost three years ago.
It’s been a wonderful weekend away. Yesterday, at dinner, I became aware of feeling hopeful about going home today.
This was another reminder to me that Just Rolling with It’s working. I don’t dread going home today. It feels hopeful and exciting to go home and see our son. I feel excited to get back to my work with Aragon, ENS and the blockchain ecosystem.
I feel grateful to experience this shift. I feel fortunate to be conscious of experiencing it.
How do you feel at the end of a weekend or vacation? Do you dread it or do you feel inspired and hopeful to return to your daily existence?
If you dread it, I’d encourage you to ask why. Then ask yourself if you think that’s the way it has to be. Then ask yourself why you think it has to be that way…
I’d feel grateful to receive your answers to these questions. They’ll help me figure out what to write about in upcoming issues. Send them to me by replying directly to this email.
Catch you next week,
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