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1,000 Cans of Red Bull - Just Rolling with It Weekly

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well

Just Rolling with It

October 1 · Issue #19 · View online
Pursuing our dreams, not theirs.

Ideas on balancing entrepreneurial drive with wellness, bringing to life new ideas while living well ourselves and making space for what matters in a well balanced life.

I work from a WeWork co-working space. There are many things I like about it. WeWork does provide beautiful space. The community is vibrant and connected.
WeWork also promotes the hustle. It’s a hustle-heavy environment.
As you may have guessed, I’m not such a fan of that ;)
WeWork has their own radio station. It’s piped into all the WeWork locations. The music’s alright. It’s not as annoying as most canned music is
They also promote themselves and partners through it. There’s one ad running now that’s bothering me.
The ad is a staged conversation between a WeWork interviewer and member. Like everything WeWork does, it’s staged to perfection. The messaging’s dead on-point.
The interview asks the member about his keys to success. The member mentions dedication and late nights. Then he goes on to say he’s had over 1,000 cans of Red Bull. 
That’s the fuel for his hustle.
1,000 cans of Red Bull.
The interview then does a quick, sound-bite-friendly recap -
1 - Dedication
2 - Late Nights
3 - Red Bull
Do these three things and you’ll be successful. That’s the message.
Sigh and yuck.
I feel sad when I hear the last two. I feel sad this type of hustle gets pushed so hard by WeWork and others.
It’s the kind of message I used to buy-into. I see others at WeWork buying into it every day. Messaging like this adds fuel to the fire.
I guess it’s kind of ironic I’m on the anti-hustle at WeWork, isn’t it :)
Catch you next week…
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The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion (The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma #2) by Chögyam Trungpa
Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity by David Whyte
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METTA HOUR PODCAST - Episode 62 - Real Love Series - Ethan Nichtern - Sharon Salzberg
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